How do I join?
We welcome participation in three primary ways: join our Facebook group; add your e-mail to our Mail Chimp account; and attend our yearly conference. Please visit our Joining page.

Is there a fee?
Not really. Isn’t that great? There is no fee to join the Network and participate in the listserv. There is a fee (reasonable) to attend our conference in January.

How can I find out about the conference?
Everyone on the listserv receives an invitation and information to the January conference in late spring. Information about the January conference in New York is posted on this site in late spring/early summer. Read the details on our Meetings page.

When can I register for the next conference?
Generally, information on the next year’s conference is posted in late spring/early summer.

Why should I join?
Members share information on resources, career development courses, internships, outreach, one-on-one advising, workshop formats and speakers, tips on marketing their services, and more. People post questions, articles, and issues to the listserv and members follow up with opinions and help!

What kinds of people belong to NETMCDO?
We welcome members from all corners! Our members include veteran music career advisors as well as newcomers to the field. We have members who are people working in music career centers, as well as generalist career advisors at universities; music faculty members, administrators and staff.