2024 Meetings and Activities

2024 Meetings and Activities

The Ground Crew (NETMCDO's Planning Committee) has been busy discussing new ideas and new ways to meet the needs of our members as we approach our 30th year of NETMCDO gatherings in 2025!
One change underway immediately: We are scheduling online one-hour Zoom gatherings every other month in 2024, beginning on April 25.

Our next online one-hour Zoom gathering:
Tuesday, June 25, 2024 from 4–5 pm EST 
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During our hour-long Gathering on June 25, we'll explore how to help musicians activate their agency.
  • We'll start with a brief interactive visualization exercise: Claiming Your Expansive Space, a tool Angela Beeching has developed. It's part of her forthcoming book on how to claim your voice as an artist. She's excited to share it with everyone!
  • Then, in small breakout groups, we'll discuss the best practices we've each developed to help musicians take positive actions toward their goals.

These gatherings are opportunities to share ideas and solutions that get at what matters most in helping musicians forge successful careers:

  • They will feature our trademark use of Open Space and a format of direct, confidential, and open conversation to ensure that everyone leaves with new insights, contacts, and tools.
  • Register for June 25 above; August, October, and December dates will follow.
Why six gatherings a year instead of 1 or 2?
  • More day/time options will allow more people to participate; more answers to problems will be found; more success stories will be shared.
  • We want to spend more time with everyone, but only one hour at a time (don’t be offended).
  • We want to break free of the model of a yearly, in-person “big box” conference that really doesn’t meet our needs.

To share ideas and solutions that get at what matters most in helping musicians forge succcessful careers, we hope you can join us and see the change at one of our upcoming gatherings.


Attendees, many pictured above, were reminded about the transition to Zoom Gatherings and informed that a plus sign (+) has been added to NETMCDO's name, symbolizing the Network's continued goal of inclusiveness and emphasizing the diversity of our field's activities and community.

After opening icebreakers, critical topics identified by those in our Network were discussed via Open Space Breakout Sessions, summarized below.

>> A searchable General Interest Spreadsheet / Networking Resource was initiated. As shared during the gathering, it is now available here.

  • This "living document" streamlines the sharing of contact information and the professional interests of NETMCDO+ colleagues.  You can quickly identify and connect with others interested in topics, making it an effective collaboration tool. 
  • Please consider adding your info.