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Archive: NYC 2012

Network of Music Career Development Officers 2012 NYC Conference

17th Annual NETMCDO Conference

Wednesday and Thursday, January 11 and 12, 2012
Manhattan School of Music (, New York City

Our conference is created and run by the group it serves. It is put on by and for career development professionals.

This year we will examine the issue ...

Art & Money: Friends or "Frenemies"? From the conceptual to the practical -- how these two relate.

What’s in this for you?

  • For veterans of past NETMCDO conferences, this is your opportunity to examine age-old issues with new perspectives and fresh ideas.
  • For those new to NETMCDO and to the field of music career development, this is your opportunity to plunge in and deal with some big question issues facing all institutions.
  • For everyone: great networking, plenty of time to share ideas and resources, and make connections for in-depth exchanges throughout the year.
  • AND.... lots of practical, nuts-and-bolts solutions for all.

(posted 10/3/11)