Archive: 2021 Zoom Conference

Archive: 2021 Zoom Conference

26th Annual NETMCDO Conference

Virtual on Zoom
Wednesday & Thursday
June 9 & 10, 2021
1:00–5:00 pm Eastern Time, both days 


  • How to facilitate communities online and in-person
  • New Normal vs. Old Normal (What will we bring forward?)
  • Racial equity discussion: sustaining change and growing accountability
  • Innovative online performance practice with members of the fabulous brass group The Westerlies
  • A discussion with Krista Bradley (Director of Programs and Resources at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals)
  • Teaching demos and flexible Open Space sessions customized for Zoom
  • Catch-up and network with colleagues

Sessions will be interactive with plenty of break-out room sessions with “decompression time” built into the schedule. 

On both days Zoom will open at 12:45 pm for all attendees to have pre-conference conversations, catch-ups, and networking. Sessions begin at 1:00pm EDT and will finish up a few minutes after 5:00pm EDT In addition to interactive larger sessions, there will be ample breakout rooms and options for individual and small group connections. Attendees are strongly encouraged to attend the entirety of both days. 



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We hope you can join us,

The NETMCDO Ground Crew: 
Angela Beeching
John Blanchard
Casey Molino Dunn
Jazmín Morales
John Steinmetz
Chris Vaughn
Nathaniel Zeisler

SCHEDULE DAY ONE: Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Join us at 12:45 pm to have pre-conference conversations, catch-ups, and networking.

1:00pm | Welcome, Introductions, Logistics

  • Networking Activity with John Steinmetz
  • Breakouts on Theme

2:00pm | Diversity/Equity Look-Back and Look-Forward

3:00pm | Watercooler Time / Decompression / Discussion

  • Re-connect with colleagues, make new friends

3:30pm | Angela Beeching Interviews John Steinmetz

  • Secrets to facilitating online and off divulged by NETMCDO's facilitator for the past 18 years
  • How to herd cats... ethically!

4:15 pm | Featured Guest Ensemble: The Westerlies

  • Topic: Artists working and interacting with audiences online
  • Topic: Performing together from multiple locations
  • Topic: Staying busy in the new normal
  • A brief performance

5:00 | Wrap-up

  • Session ends at 5:05pm

SCHEDULE DAY TWO: Thursday, June 10, 2021

Join us at 12:45 pm to have pre-conference conversations, catch-ups, and networking.

1:00 | Check-ins

  • Shared insights

1:10 | Teaching Demos: Mihoko Watanabe & Others

  • Co-creating a class culture for optimal learning
  • Technological strategies for deep engagement in online teaching
  • Attendees sharing solutions

2:00 | OPEN SPACE (attendee-driven mini-sessions)

TIME CHANGE 3:10 | Sea Changes in the Performing Arts: Presenters, Managers, and Beyond

4:00 | Harvest / Take-away

  • A Discussion on "Where We Go from Here"
  • Annual Talking Stick Sharing Session

5:00 | "Happy (Half) Hour" (optional)


Registration this year is $55; this fee helps with yearly web tools and other administrative expenses. If this registration fee is prohibitive for you, please reach out to and a Ground Crew member will confidentially assist. As always, we are looking forward to having as many colleagues attend as is possible. 

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